MKT 7033: Topics in Strategy Research Seminar (Chandrasekaran)

An overview of featured library resources.

Things to Know

Scraping and Text Mining in Library Databases

If you are planning a text mining project that will require downloading a lot of data or articles, please reach out to before you start so that we can notify the database vendors.

Our database licenses do not allow scraping, running scripts, text mining, or what is called "systematic" downloads. Vendors typically have built-in limits on the amount of data or content downloads.  Once these limits are exceeded, your access will be blocked. 

Many vendors offer additional tools for text mining and analysis that may be licensed for an additional fee.

Requesting Datasets for Research Projects

If you need a dataset for a research project or dissertation, please keep in mind that it may take from several months to a year to complete licensing. If we have an existing contract with a vendor, this timeline is shorter. The library does not pay for research datasets used by individual researchers, but we are happy to assist with licensing and providing access. For dataset funding, reach out to your advisor and department chair who in turn will work with Dr. Sanchez at the Alvarez College of Business.

Capital IQ

We do not subscribe to Capital IQ PRO. 


WRDS is a platform for analyzing data. To access data,  we also subscribe to a number of datasets / data sources, e.g. Compustat. If you encounter a data source that is grayed out, it means we currently don't subscribe to it.

WRDS requires a two-factor authentication.

WRDS recently added the Coding Tool Kit:

WRDS Coding Tool Kit

Featured Databases

Other Resources of Interest