Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resources

A guide to LGBT+ resources online and at UTSA Libraries.

Getting Your LGBT Research Started

San Antonio LGBT Pride '87 logoIssue No. 8 from Rude Girl ZinePhoto of participants in the 1979 Reno Gay Rodeo photo from MS 117 Lollie Johnson papersWearing Gay History T-shirt from June 1991 Pride Month

Images, left to right: San Antonio LGBT Pride '87 logo, Issue No. 8 from Rude Girl Zine, Photo of participants in the 1979 Reno Gay Rodeo photo from MS 117 Lollie Johnson papers, Wearing Gay History T-shirt from June 1991 Pride Month. UTSA Libraries Special Collections

Finding the right search term can sometimes be the first step in successful research.  Here are a few suggestions to help guide you in your search.

General terms:

  • Homosexuality
  • Gays
  • Lesbians
  • Lesbianism
  • Sexual orientation

Coming out / Military / Religion

  • Gays--Identity / Lesbians--Identity
  • Coming out (sexual orientation)
  • Closeted gays
  • United States--Armed Forces--Gays
  • Gays in the military
  • Religion
  • Gays--Religious life
  • Homosexuality--Religious aspects

Civil rights and discrimation:

  • Gay liberation movement
  • Gay rights
  • Homophobia
  • Gay activists
  • Gays--Crimes against
  • Gays--Political activity
  • Gays--Employment.
  • Gays--Legal status, laws, etc.
  • Lesbians--Civil rights

Ethnic and Cultural distinctions:

  • African American gays / African American lesbians
  • Asian American gays / Asian American lesbians
  • Hispanic American gays / Asian American lesbians
  • Mexican American gays / Mexican American lesbians


Oral Histories

  • add "Interviews" to your other search terms

Arts and Literature

  • Gays' writings / Lesbians' writings
  • Gays in popular culture
  • Gays in literature / Lesbians in literature
  • Gay men's writings
  • Gays in art / Lesbians in literature
  • Queer theory

Transgender / Transsexual / Intersex:

  • Transgenderism
  • Transgender people
  • Transsexualism
  • Transsexuals
  • Gender identity
  • Gender identity disorders
  • Intersexuality
  • Hermaphroditism