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Google Scholar

Guide to using Google Scholar for academic research at UTSA

Google Scholar Advanced Search

Advanced Searching in Google Scholar

There are a couple of different ways to do advanced searching in Google Scholar.

From http://scholar.google.com, you can use the menu  then select Advanced Search to view the advanced search interface

Google Scholar Advanced Search Menu


Advanced users may choose to build their searches directly from the basic search box¹², for example

mosquito mosquitoes infectious OR fatal "cholera strain" -dog author:jones source:nature

This search string would provide the same results as filling in the Advanced Search boxes as follows

Find articles

with all of the words                  mosquito mosquitoes

with the exact phrase               cholera strain

with at least one of the words    infectious fatal

without the words                     dog

Return articles authored by       jones

Return articles published in       nature

¹Adding the operator allintitle: before your search will limit your search terms to article titles

²Year published has to be limited after the results appear