Adopt-a-Free-Textbook Grants: Deliverables and Spending

Outlines deliverables and spending guidelines for grants.


Adopt a Free Textbook grant funds may only be used for: 

  • Professional development: conference registration or professional travel 

  • Equipment/technology that directly supports teaching. Tangibles purchased become the property of your academic department. 

  • Funding for teaching assistants to develop or review course materials 

    • For each student, specify maximum work hours so as not to exceed awarded funds. 

Grant Recipients Must:

  • Spend grant funds only in categories indicated above.

  • Spend funding in accordance with below guidelines and university policy and maintain appropriate records of these expenditures.  

  • Spend grant funds fully by May 1, 2024. Any unspent funds remaining after May 1, 2024 are no longer accessible to grant recipients. 

Grant Recipients Must Not:

  • Use grant funds for personal purchases or as a salary supplement.

Group Grant Recipients Must:

  • Submit a Memorandum of Understanding for each faculty applicant that will be using funds and designate clearly the amount from the total award that each faculty applicant will use on their respective MOU. The library defers to faculty applicants to decide funding allocations for individual faculty applying as part of a group grant based on individual contribution to the group grant.