Elsevier Negotiations Background

Description of the Texas Library Coalition for United Action (TLCUA) and the upcoming Elsevier negotiations.

TLCUA: What We Stand For

The scholarly communication system is vital and must be sustained -- but it needs to change.

Scholarly communication should better serve the mission and values of our institutions and give less priority to the shareholders of for-profit companies.

Together, we can:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve access to research 
  • Empower faculty with greater control and ownership of their scholarly work
  • Change negotiation dynamics

As a coalition of major research institutions across the state of Texas, we are stronger together. 

TLCUA Goals for Elsevier Negotiations

  1. New contract by 12/31/21. 
  2. Balanced approach to faculty ownership and copyright of scholarly work
  3. More open and sustainable scholarly publishing ecosystem
  4. Accelerate new discoveries by making research more widely accessible and visible
  5. Reduced costs and reduce annual price increases

Our goal is an agreement with Elsevier, but we are prepared, if necessary, to walk away from negotiations with a plan for alternative access.