SWK 5483: Multidimensional Assessment (Cano)

Outline & Objective

Outline and Objective 

The design and purpose of this Research Guide is aid with the assignments from SWK 5483. The example, immigrants AND mental health AND alcohol abuse, used in the research guide demonstrate how to find research instruments in scholarly articles.
In Getting Started with the Competency Assignment 1, the learning object will be:
  1. Using the PsycINFO database and searching based on topic or research interest. (i.e., immigrants AND mental health AND alcohol abuse) 
  2. Finding the instrument within the article's record, Abstract/Details
  3. Searching for the instrument and information on the instrument in PsycTESTS

The goal is to learn the instruments used in one's areas of research/topic interest. 

Please contact your Librarian, Diane López, at diane.lopez2@utsa.edu with any questions, concerns, or help with navigating the UTSA Libraries website and databases.