SWK 5483: Multidimensional Assessment (Cano)


For example, if we are research about Immigrants and their relationship with alcohol. We can use search terms and searching techniques like these: immigrants AND mental health AND alcohol abuse to reading about the different types of instruments researchers are using with different population and communities. Learning how and what instruments researcher are using will help us understand the best approach and methodology to use with the communities we are serving. 

  1. Starting with PsycINFO. Enter searching terms that can best describe your research. Use searching techniques to help with investigation.
  2. Below the title and description of the article, we will see "Abstract/Details" click here to get more information about the article. In abstract/details, we will find an area called Test and Measures. This area will list the instrument(s) used in this study.                     
  3. I recommend reading the article. Reading the article will help you understand how the author(s) modify, applied, and implemented the instrument to their study.  

PsycTEST: Investiagting the Instrument

We were continuing with the example from the PsycINFO article on "Mental health and migration: Depression, alcohol abuse, and access to health care among migrants in central Asia," which used two tests Brief Symptom Inventory and CAGE Questionnaire. For this example, I will CAGE Questionnaire to explore PsycTESTS.   

  1. Type in the PsysTESTS search box the instruments name. (i.e., CAGE Questionnaire)
  2. (Optional) Refine or limit your search by clicking - "Full Text" on the left sidebar. By refining ensures that resources and materials are readily available, and does not require Library Request.
  3. Click on to view instrument information such as PsycTESTS Citation, Instrument Type, Test Format, Source and Permissions, and Instrument.   

Example screenshots:




Finding measures in the behavioral sciences can be tricky! There is no single source that compiles all measures in their entirety. Why? Some measures are commercially available (APA labels these "published") while some are freely available in scholarly articles (APA labels this "unpublished"). To avoid ordering a measure from the publisher, first try searching PsycTests below. Then use the navigation tabs to the left to search UTSA Libraries' collection.

Exhausted our sources and still no measure? Chat with us.

Optional feature

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