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Card Games for Writers

Orange, blue, and black playing cards for Fabula

This site demonstrates how to use Fabula Storytelling Cards to define the elements of a story, develop plot, investigate characters, and more.

Fabula: A Framework for Fiction Writers by Binasco, Andrea; Di Pascale, Matteo (UTSA Library Catalog)

Call Number: PN3355 .F33 2016, request at JPL 2nd Floor, Front Desk

Publication Date: 2016

Published by Sefirot.
Fabula Storytelling Cards are a deck of 40 cards to inspire fiction writers to create, organize, and develop their stories. The box contains instructions for use, orange cards that help outline the "Hero's Steps" -- the story's plot -- blue cards that suggests "Assets" -- such as characters that participate in the story -- and "Reader's Steps" -- to refine the story.

Box holding Fabula for Kids, a card game

This site explains how to use Fabula Deck for kids -- how to select cards, develop stories, and think about how a story is structured.

Fabula Deck for Kids by Binasco, Andrea; Di Pascale, Matteo; Capobianco, Matteo Ufocinque (UTSA Library Catalog)

Call Number: BF408 .F33 2021, request at JPL Front Desk 2nd Floor

Publication Date: 2021

Published by Sefirot.
Fabula Deck for Kids is a deck of 34 cards that helps kids to invent and develop unlimited stories. It is designed to be used by children ages 6 and up, to help them build the structure of a story and develop it using their creative imagination. The box contains a die, instructions for use, and a set of beautifully illustrated cards that offer prompts for character, plot, genre, and more.

A box of Storymatic cards

This site describes the Storymatic game, explains its benefits for users, and describes how to play. It includes a written description and a video demonstration.

The Storymatic by Mooney, Brian (UTSA Library Catalog)

Call Number: PN198 .S76 2004, request at JPL Front Desk 2nd Floor

Publication Date: 2004

This game consists of 540 cards that can be combined in trillions of ways to create and develop stories, characters, plots, and more. It supports and enhances creative thinking, a useful skill in myriad scenarios including improvisation and public speaking as well as fiction writing.


This site explains the purpose of the Writer Emergency Pack -- "a deck full of useful ideas designed to help get your story back on track" -- and how to use it when you get stuck as you're writing fiction.

Writer Emergency Pack by August, John, author; Nelson, Ryan, designer; Friesen, David, illustrator. (UTSA Library Catalog)

Call Number: PN197 .W75 2020, request at JPL Front Desk 2nd Floor

Publication Date: 2020

This pack contains 52 cards -- 26 illustrated Idea cards to breathe new life into a story, and 26 Detail cards that provide specific suggestions -- to help stuck writers rejuvenate their fiction. It can be used by young writers as well as older writers, helping them understand and recreate their stories in new ways.