EDP 6223: Research in Single Case Design (Neely)

This research guide was created to help students in Dr. Neely's EDP 6223 course.

Ways I can help ...

"Librarians can recommend subscription research databases, as well as sources for grey literature. And since a truly comprehensive SLR should include all relevant evidence, including unpublished data, librarians may also need to identify subject matter experts whom researchers could contact to learn about any in-progress research. Librarians can also help develop or provide feedback on researchers’ search strategies and can help determine appropriate inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Librarians may also provide training on bibliographic management systems (e.g., RefWorks), which researchers can use to store and organize the citations for their search results and which can be used to de-dupe results. Librarians may assist researchers in setting up publication alerts or in conducting cited reference searching to find other documents on a topic. And they can help researchers with 'snowball searching,' in which a given document’s reference list is used to identify other relevant documents"

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