EDP 6223: Research in Single Case Design (Neely)

This research guide was created to help students in Dr. Neely's EDP 6223 course.

Step One

Rely for search procedures and results

  • Repeat electronic database search procedures and independently evaluate inclusion of each study against inclusion criteria


Step Two

Rely for study coding

Have a second rater conduct inclusion/exclusion review using your operationalized criteria for a minimum of 20% of the articles within each phase of the search (e.g., title/abstract search, full inclusion review, extended search, inclusion/exclusion for extended search).

Then choose a reliability index (see Kazdin, 2011 for more information) and calculate reliability for each phase of the search.

Step Three

„If you have a disagreement, revisit those aspects of the study summaries and make changes to the table to more accurately summarize the studies.