Bloomberg Terminal: How to Use

Guide to access to Bloomberg terminal at UTSA and using some Bloomberg commands, and more.

BMC Certificate on Web

UTSA users interested in completing the BMC certification may access its site remotely, as Bloomberg is now offering FREE access to BMC via the web, in lieu of a Bloomberg terminal – which was only option previously in completing the requirements for a BMC certification.  

Any students at UTSA must use their UTSA email address to create and sign into a BMC account, and then access the BMC content on its website.  A certificate of achievement will be issued to students upon successful completion of the program on the web, just as is done with the Bloomberg terminal version previously. 

Below are two links related to the BMC access and browser/system requirements:

  • First one is a link to the BMC website that requires of using of your UTSA email address to create and sign into a BMC account. 
  • Second link is a PDF file containing some technical details on requirements for computer systems and browsers running the BMC on the web.

About the Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) Certification

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) is a library of self-paced e-learning courses that provides an introduction to the financial markets. By taking BMC, you will learn about the financial markets via 35 learning outcomes, familiarize yourself with over 100 Bloomberg terminal functions, solidify your knowledge with over 160 interactive questions.

  • BMC (Bloomberg Market Concepts) includes 4 topics  / modules: Economic Indicators, Currencies, Fixed Income and Equities, which can be taken in any order.  For detail and content of each of these 4 modules, please see the next box below.
  • Certification of BMC Completion – earned at the completion of all 4 modules; the BMC web site will allow you to to download it once you have completed. 
  • You have 1 year to complete BMC and earn your certification.
  • Also you don’t have to complete all the modules in one time. 
  • If you are a first time user, you need to register by clicking the button of "Register Now"  

Content of Bloomberg Market Concepts Modules

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) Certificate Courses

  • This is an 8-hour self-paced e-learning course that provides a visual introduction to the financial markets. There are 121 quizzes, case studies and knowledge checks throughout the entire course.  The answer to a question is shown immediately along with in-depth explanations for why each of the answer choices is correct or incorrect. 
  • BMC consists of following four modules - Economic Indicators, Currencies, Fixed Income and Equities - with the sub-topics covered and listed as below:
  • If you are a first time user, you need to register by clicking the button of "Register Now"  

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