Bloomberg Terminal


Type stock symbol > press <Equity> F8 key > press <GO> key

E.g.:  How to find Microsoft Corp. Fundamentals Analysis, or Risk/Volatility Analysis 

MSFT > press <Equity> F8 key > press <GO> key >  Then 

  • choose 9) Fundamentals and Earnings Analysis, or 
  • choose 11) Risk/Volatility Analysis 



For World Currency Rates:

Press <CRNCY> F11 key >>> TypeWCR (for World Currency Rates) >>> Press <GO> key


For commodity, e.g.: crude oil:  

Press <CMDTY> F8 key >>> Hit  <GO> key >>>  then 

  • click “1) CINX Crude Benchmarks Monitor” or 
  • click “2) OIL Crude & Refined Product Markets”

US Treasury Bonds

For data on US Treasury 10 year Bond or 5 year Bond: 

  • Type CT10 (for the 10 year bond) >>> Press <GOVT> F2 key >>> Press <GO> key, or
  • Type CT5 (for the 5 year bond) >>> Press <GOVT> F2 key >>> Press <GO> key

Municipal Bonds

For Municipal Bonds:

Type STGO for state issued bonds >>>Press <MUNI> F6 key 

Type CTGO for city issued bonds >>>Press <MUNI> F6 key 

Corp Bonds

For Corp Bonds, type a corp. ticker symbol then,

Press <CORP> F3 key >>>  Press <GO> key, or

Press <CORP> F3 key >>>  Type TK  >>>  Press <GO> key >>>  to find corporate bond tickers, or 

Specific Issuer:

  • First type a corp. ticker symbol, then type coupon and maturity date >>>  Press <GO> key
  • E.g.:  IBM 7.00 10/30/25 <CORP> <GO>



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