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Emigration, Immigration, and Migration

A guide to library and online sources.

U.S. Code

A Public Law is a  bill or joint resolution that has passed both chambers and been enacted into law and is codified into the U.S. Code. Public laws apply to the public at large as opposed to private laws which relate to individual rights and liabilities.

Related Documents

Click the link in each law to see the Statute at Large text in ProQuest Congressional.  To explore further,  click on the Public Law link to access other materials such as the Legislative History or Bill Profile Report, to see sponsors, committees, floor votes and related material such as the Congressional Record discussion.

Chronological List of Major United States Laws Relating to Immigration and Naturalization, 1790 - 2005

This chronological list of immigration laws provides links to the full text of selected laws in the U.S. Statutes at Large. Statutes at Large is the official compilation of the the laws passed in each session of Congress arranged in chronological order. The legal citation of a Statute at Large (Stat.) includes the volume and page number in Statutes at Large.  (e.g., 110 Stat. 3009)

Debates in Congress

Congressional debate and discussion can be very informative. The Congressional Record (and predecessors) are the official record of Congress. Search ProQuest Congressional choosing Congressional Record Bound Edition & Predecessors.  Limit by date range and search full text for such terms as "naturalization," "immigration," or other terms relevant to the legislation you are researching.