SWK 2013: Diversity and Social Justice in San Antonio and Beyond (Todic)

Special instructions for Prof. Todic's Zine assignment.

Runner Research Press

Once you've completed your zine, you have the option to add it to UTSA's scholarly repository, called Runner Research Press (RRP).

RRP is a freely available, online showcase of UTSA's academic and scholarly work. Your zine will appear alongside other student, staff and faculty research projects and help exemplify the great working being done at UTSA!

Runner Research press home page

Archiving a copy of your completed zine in Runner Research Press has several advantages:

  1. Provides a permanent and stable online home for your zine
  2. Provides a URL and Digital Object Identifier (DOI) you can share with others
  3. Increases the likelihood that others will discover and enjoy your work

Your Rights as a Creator

As the creator of your zine, you have specific rights under U.S. copyright law to decide what happens to your work. This includes the right to:

  • Reproduce or copy
  • Distribute
  • Publicly perform
  • Publicly display, and
  • Create derivatives

Copyright applies to all sorts of creative works, including, but not limited to:


The moment you created your zine in a tangible format, you owned the copyright to that work. As creators, you get to decide how your work is used and where it is made available. You can also choose to transfer your copyright to someone else (such as a publisher), though that would mean that you no longer have control over your own work.

Non-Exclusive Licenses

In order to place your zine in the Runner Research Press, UTSA Libraries needs your permission as the copyright holder. We will ask you to sign a non-exclusive copyright license, which simply means that you are giving us permission in this specific instance to post your work. You are not transferring your copyright to UTSA Libraries. We will also ask if you would like to apply a Creative Commons license to your work.

If you choose to not sign the license, then we will not put your zine online.