Supply Chain Data Sources


Access Supply Chain Data and Info from Bloomberg 

  • Access a Bloomberg terminal (in Financial Lab at UTSA College of Business or JPL 2nd floor)
  • After getting into Bloomberg program, hit the F8 = EQUITY yellow key
  • Then hit <GO>
  • For performing supply chain research of a compnay, type company ticker (e.g. MSFT for Microsoft Corp.)
  • Then, the company ticker followed by SPLC <GO> to access the Supply Chain Analysis function.
  • Now, you should get all the company’s suppliers and customers will display.
    • According to U.S. Department of Commerce Library website:  "Bloomberg has data on over 20000 quantified supply chains. The data comes from reputable public sources, including filings with regulatory agencies such as the SEC, company reports and earnings conference call transcripts. Bloomberg then uses a proprietary algorithm to determine the costs that the companies incur in doing business with each of their suppliers as well as the revenue that each supplier derives from doing business with the company.  Analysis also includes the cost that customers incur in doing business with the company, and the revenue that the company derives from doing business with customers. "