Supply Chain Data Sources

Capital IQ - Finding Supply Chain Info or Data

Capital IQ Steps to find out data/info on a company's customers, suppliers, or strategic alliances:

  1. Start Capital IQ > 
  2. Select “Screening” tab / menu 
  3. Select and click “Companies” from the pull-down Screening menu   
  4. In the "Search" box, type Business Relationships and should get auto-match as: Company Relationships > Business Relationships
  5. Now you can search and screen for companies with certain info/data on customers, suppliers, or strategic alliances by using the following search ways (selecting one of the following radio buttons) based on your info need:     
    1. Tickers 
    2. Industries
    3. Geographies 
  6. After selecting Tickers radio button, in the box "Enter tickers" type MSFT then click "Go" button
  7. Then click the "add criteria" button in the middle of the page 
  8. At this point, you should get to see the search results for MSFT (Microsoft Corporation) with respect to its customers, suppliers, or strategic alliances  

Capital IQ - Extracting Company's Supply Chain Data By Year

In order to extract a company's supply data by year, you need to add two criteria after setting out and getting to a box titled Screening Criteria: Business Relationships (Start Capital IQ > Screening tabpull-down Screening menu > select Companies > type "Business Relationships" in search box >  now you are set in Screening Criteria: Business Relationships). 

Below are steps on how to add these two criteria after getting to a box titled Screening Criteria: Business Relationships :  

  1. Set the first of the two criteria: When you are in the point/menu where you can search a particular company whose supply data you want to find by selecting one of the following radio buttons on your screen:  Tickers or Industries or Geographies:  
    • E.g.: after selecting Tickers radio button, in the box "Enter tickers" type MSFT then click "Go" button, add to "Selected Items" Box:
    • Now click the "add criteria" button at the middle of the page, so get to see the search results for MSFT (Microsoft Corporation) with respect to its customers, suppliers, or strategic alliances  
    • After clicking "add criteria" you get: Business Relationships (All History): Microsoft Corporation (NasdaqGS:MSFT) 4719 results (as of 4/30/23)
  2. Set the second of the two criteria: Continue on the same page as described as the above, and do the following:
    • scroll down until seeing the “General Transaction Details” Box (most right corner of the page)
    • select and click “Dates” so make the Screening Criteria: Transaction Dates box popup
    • on the right “Time Frame” drop-down menu, select whatever frame of your interest; other option is to set time frame on your own by using the calendar menu, e.g. select  from 1/1/2021 to 12/31/2021.
    • finally,  make sure to click the “Add criteria” button, and this time, you should get 1114 results - the results based on the combination of two criteria - Business Relationships +  Transaction Dates from 1/1/2021 to 12/31/202  .