GEO 5991: Graduate Seminar in Geology (Kulkarni)

• Course research guide for GEO 5991: Graduate Seminar in Geology with Harshad Kulkarni

Citation Approach: Snowball Effects

  • Why the Database Web of Science
    •  ​​​​​​​Snowball effect of getting high-impact research journal articles: Article A to B to C ......
  • How to Make an Effective Query within the Database Web of Science
    • Documents > Advanced Search (located in the middle of the page under "Documents" tab > tyoe your query/search statement in the box "Query Preview
      • try using specfic terms for your query; e.g.: TS=osmosis AND TI=desalination  > 1,685 results esults from Web of Science > to narrow down, e.g.: TS=osmosis AND Ti=desalination AND PY=(2021-2022)
      • Field Tags:  
        • TS=Topic
        • TI=Title
        • OG=Affiliation
        • AU=author (in query, using last name +  initial of first name + * 
    • What Search Results to Get from:
      • Number of Citation =  number of other articles that have cited this original artcile since its publication; generally speaking, more citations. more influential.
      • Number of References = number of works cited by this original article