SOC 4433: Culture and Society (Halley)

Guide for Dr. Jeffrey Halley's SOC 4433 Culture and Society course with a special focus on avant-gardes in art and social movement.

Finding Journal Articles on Dada and Politics

When studying the art movement Dada and political change or politics, Library Quick Search is a great place to get started.  Remember to limit to articles with the topics of social sciences or related fields like political science, sociology, or art. 

Some terms to try when searching:

Movement: dada OR "anti-art" OR "avant-garde" OR surrealism OR fluxus OR minimalism

Politics: politic* or "political change" or "social change"

Library Quick Search

Advanced Search

Other databases relevant to this area of study are listed below. 

Like Library Quick Search, Google Scholar is a great place to search across multiple areas of study at one time.  Be sure to link your Google account with the UTSA in order to see full text content already paid for by the UTSA Libraries.

Google Scholar Search