Runner Research Press Information for Authors

Introducing UTSA's open access repository of scholarly and creative works

UTSA Policy

According to the UTSA Handbook of Operation Procedures, the university does not claim ownership of scholarly works by UTSA employees.  Authors and creators maintain their rights to "scholarly or educational materials, class content, art works, musical compositions and dramatic and nondramatic literary works authored by a Covered Creator(s) and related to his/her academic or professional field."

Additional related policies include:

Publisher Copyright Policies

Even if you have already published your work in an academic journal, you may still be able to place a copy in Runner Research Press. In many cases, publishers allow self-archiving of works in the author's institutional repository. 

Authors can use SHERPA/RoMEO, a free service that collects the copyright and open access self-archiving policies on academic journals, to determine if they are allowed to deposit their work in Runner Research Press.

If you have any questions or are unsure if you can submit your work, contact the Runner Research Press administrators at We are happy to help you!

Copyright & Runner Research Press

​​​​​​When submitting to RRP, the creator or copyright holder of the work grants RRP non-exclusive permission to make their work available online. UTSA does not claim copyright over any item in RRP.

By default, RRP will not impose access restrictions on submissions, and all works are freely available to a global audience. Creators may assign Creative Commons licenses to their works. 

RRP reserves the right to withdraw a work that is libelous, an invasion of privacy, infringes upon copyright, or that does not reflect the nature of the Collection to which the work was submitted. 

The non-exclusive submission agreement preserves the submitter/creator's right to submit additional copies elsewhere. Works will not be withdrawn solely because a submitter/creator leaves The University of Texas at San Antonio. 

Authors' Copyrights

Federal law grants certain, exclusive rights to authors that often get signed away to publishers. These resources can help you negotiate and maintain your author rights during the publishing process.