Digital Reserves

General Information

It is now possible for current UTSA students, faculty and staff to access digitized versions of some reserve materials held by UTSA.

  • Books can be read only online and may not be downloaded. These restrictions are in place based on Terms of Service and our understanding of copyright law.
  • A book will be separated into chapters, each chapter can be viewed/checked out for 2 hours.
  • If we own 2 copies we may have one copy available digitally and one available to check out in person.
  • One book chapter can be checked out by one user at a time.  
  • Because of the limit on the number of users, we encourage everyone to click on "Return Early" when you are done viewing.

Accessing the Book

Put the title of the book into the quick search box on our homepage.

From the results page click on "Available Online."

Click on "Sign In" and choose "My UTSA Login."

Now that you are signed in click on "Digital Versions" to open up the book to view the chapters.