Digital Reserves

Viewing the Book

A book is usually divided up by chapters or parts and each of these is a separate file which can be viewed by one person at a time.  Click on the chapter you wish to view to open it.

This opens up a new window.


The Book Menus

From left to right

  1. The first icon is of a box that slides out the left hand side menu that shows other pages within the chapter.
  2. The second icon is of an magnifying glass that lets you search within text.
  3. The third icon are up and down arrows which allow you to page down to go to next pages and up to go to previous pages.
  4. The fourth icon allows you to jump to a page.
  5. The fifth icon allows you to zoom in and out.
  6. The sixth icon says "Automatic Zoom" where you can click on little arrows to zoom or decrease size by percentage.

  1. The icon with four arrows allows you to expand to Full Screen Viewing.
  2. The two arrows pointing to the right open up Tools menu above.

On the right hand side of the screen you will see another 4 images.

  1. The first image shows the copyright polices for this item.
  2. The second image is a V on its side which allows you to share the URL link.
  3. The third image is of an hourglass and shows you what time you have remaining to view an item.
  4. The fourth image says Return Early, which we encourage you to do so that as many of you as possible get a chance to view.

When you click on Return Early your screen will say "Warning Your Session has Expired," and a button to Renew.  Please exit out of the tab or window completely.