Report Affordable Textbooks: Transparency for UTSA Roadrunners

Using open educational resources or other affordable textbooks? Report them to provide transparency for students during registration.

Every Dollar Makes a Difference

Providing learning materials that are free and accessible from Class Day One has positive effects on equity, learning, and retention as demonstrated by the University of Georgia study.

Reporting also makes it easier for students to find your course during registration. When registering for courses, students can apply the Free Textbook and Low Cost Textbook filters in the UTSA course search.

Reducing Barriers to Success

UTSA students celebrating at commencement The UTSA Libraries has surveyed thousands of UTSA students enrolled in courses awarded through the UTSA Libraries' Adopt-a-Free-Textbook Program. Our students are reporting that they are engaged with these materials. More than 85% have rated these affordable textbooks as either superior or equivalent to commercial textbooks in preparing for tests, accessibility, ease of use, and content quality.


Equity in Access

Excited and happy UTSA student after receiving her degreeIn addition to reducing financial strains, affordable textbooks improve equity in access by either removing or reducing the financial barrier inherent with commercial textbooks.

Read the Inside Higher Ed article "Free Digital Textbooks vs. Purchased Commercial Textbooks" to learn more.