Makerspaces @ UTSA

This page is to direct students to the variety of 3d printing resources available at UTSA.

Makerspaces at UTSA

UTSA Makerspace: 

The UTSA Makerspace is a 17,000 square foot space on the first floor of the Science and Engineering Building (SEB 1.150). The space includes resources for students to use to work on their Senior Design projects! 


  1. Project Area: Benchtop space for over 40 teams to work on projects with access to hand and power tools, electronics, and more
  2. Conference Room: Four conference rooms for more private team meetings and teleconferencing capabilities.
  3. 3d Printers: 30 printers of different types capable of printing a variety of materials.
  4. Design Studio: 10 computer stations for CAD work.
  5. Machine Shop: Lathes, drills presses, mills, grinders, welding, and more!
  6. Lockers: Cage lockers of various sizes to store Senior Design projects
  7. Tools: Hand tools such as hammers, drills, calipers, wrenches, and more
  8. Electronics Fabrication Lab: Access to virtual benches, oscilloscopes, power generators, soldering stations, and more

UTSA Makerspace - Downtown:

Interested in Digital and Manual fabrication? The “UTSA Makerspace - Downtown”  is available, providing students with a wide variety of digital and hand tools, power tools, machinery, professional supervision, and a safe working environment in which they can create high-quality projects while learning skills that further prepare them to excel in their chosen careers.


  1. Large Format Printing
  2. 3d Printers
  3. Laser Cutters/Etching
  4. Prototyping CNC
  5. Fabrication Tools
  6. Supplies
  7. Tech Resources