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eMBA Orientation

Head of Research and Education Services

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Natasha Arguello
Office: JPL 4.04.14C
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, TX 78249-0671


I know how to use UTSA Libraries
Very confident: 3 votes (6.25%)
Confident: 9 votes (18.75%)
Will find my way around on my own: 14 votes (29.17%)
Who needs libraries? It's all on the internet!: 1 votes (2.08%)
Orientation will be helpful: 21 votes (43.75%)
Total Votes: 48


I am familiar with a 10K.
Heard about it.: 9 votes (19.15%)
Saw but not used it.: 3 votes (6.38%)
Read at least one.: 11 votes (23.4%)
Created it.: 0 votes (0%)
New to me.: 24 votes (51.06%)
Total Votes: 47


I am familiar with NAICS.
Heard about it.: 13 votes (27.66%)
Used it.: 7 votes (14.89%)
Not familiar.: 27 votes (57.45%)
Total Votes: 47