Roadrunner Reading Challenge

Challenge yourself to read authors, subjects, and genres that you have never explored!

The Challenge

Love to read? We do, too! Our monthly reading challenge is meant to push you to read subjects and authors that you may have never explored. This challenge is open to students, faculty, and staff at UTSA.

The Rules


How to participate:

1. Find the theme for the month. It will be listed on the left side of this guide and also on the JPL Popular Reading shelves. You can also double-check with the Blue Crew at the Front Desk or through chat.

2. Choose a book based on the theme of the month.

3. Fill out the bookmark below. There will also be copies available at the JPL Popular Reading shelves, the JPL Info Desk, and the DTN Front Desk.

4. Turn your bookmark in to the JPL Information Desk or DTN Front Desk and pick out a prize! The bookmark needs to be turned in during the month of the current theme or the month immediately following to meet this challenge.


Tips:  Do we not have the book you want to read?  UTSA students, faculty, and staff can request the book - free of charge - through the Get It For Me link on the library home page.  

Is your book at a different campus? We can have books sent between the campuses. Just place a Get It For Me request on the library homepage and make sure to note which campus where you would like the book sent.