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"A Safe Space within a Safe Place":
The DREAMers Resource Center's Focused Library Project seeks to facilitate a safe space dedicated to our DREAMers and DACAmented population, as well as educators, researchers, and allies. The Dreamers' Focused Library aims to provide opportunities for building and strengthening students' agency and empowerment through the power of the written word. The DFL consists of a careful selection of an expanding curated book collection and materials containing DREAMERs and DACAmented stories shedding light on struggles, dreams, and hopes housed within UTSA's Dreamers Resource center's area looking to provide a safe space within a safe place. 
Oftentimes, students encounter themselves navigating difficult spaces that seek to negate the realities of their lives as undocumented individuals that nevertheless have been educated to prepare them to make their economic and societal contributions expected from any other person living without the stresses brought by undocumented statuses. This project aims to serve as a counter-narrative tool that looks to assist in the fight to counteract and eliminate the historical and prevalent culture of xenophobia, nativism, politics of hate, and discourses of Otherness so prevalent in today’s deficit discourses.