ACC 3163: Quantitative Analysis for Accounting (Ye)

Financial Ratios Industry Level in WRDS)

You can make a WRDS Query for any of the following 74 variables (for details, please refer to the 2nd tab "Variable Descriptions" on Financial Ratios Industry Level by WRDS (Beta) or this pdf file):
  1. Equal Weighted Industry Return
  2. Value Weighted Industry Return
  3. The number of companies that belongs to the industry classification
  4. Dividend Payout Ratio
  5. Trailing P/E to Growth (PEG) ratio
  6. Book/Market
  7. Shillers Cyclically Adjusted P/E Ratio
  8. Dividend Yield
  9. Enterprise Value Multiple
  10. Price/Cash flow
  11. P/E (Diluted, Excl. EI)
  12. P/E (Diluted, Incl. EI)
  13. Price/Operating Earnings (Basic, Excl. EI)
  14. Price/Operating Earnings (Diluted, Excl. EI)
  15. Price/Sales
  16. Price/Book
  17. Effective Tax Rate
  18. Gross Profit/Total Assets
  19. After-tax Return on Average Common Equity
  20. After-tax Return on Total Stockholders Equity
  21. After-tax Return on Invested Capital
  22. Gross Profit Margin
  23. Net Profit Margin
  24. Operating Profit Margin After Depreciation
  25. Operating Profit Margin Before Depreciation
  26. Pre-tax Return on Total Earning Assets
  27. Pre-tax return on Net Operating Assets
  28. Pre-tax Profit Margin
  29. Return on Assets
  30. Return on Capital Employed
  31. Return on Equity
  32. Capitalization Ratio
  33. Common Equity/Invested Capital
  34. Long-term Debt/Invested Capital
  35. Total Debt/Invested Capital
  36. Inventory/Current Assets
  37. Receivables/Current Assets
  38. Free Cash Flow/Operating Cash Flow
  39. Operating CF/Current Liabilities
  40. Cash Flow/Total Debt
  41. Cash Balance/Total Liabilities
  42. Cash Flow Margin
  43. Short-Term Debt/Total Debt
  44. Profit Before Depreciation/Current Liabilities
  45. Current Liabilities/Total Liabilities
  46. Total Debt/EBITDA
  47. Long-term Debt/Book Equity
  48. Interest/Average Long-term Debt
  49. Interest/Average Total Debt
  50. Long-term Debt/Total Liabilities
  51. Total Liabilities/Total Tangible Assets
  52. Total Debt/Equity
  53. Total Debt/Total Assets
  54. Total Debt/Total Assets
  55. Total Debt/Capital
  56. After-tax Interest Coverage
  57. Interest Coverage Ratio
  58. Cash Conversion Cycle (Days)
  59. ash Ratio
  60. Current Ratio
  61. Quick Ratio (Acid Test)
  62. Asset Turnover
  63. Inventory Turnover
  64. Payables Turnover
  65. Receivables Turnover
  66. Sales/Stockholders Equity
  67. Sales/Invested Capital
  68. Sales/Working Capital
  69. Accruals/Average Assets
  70. Research and Development/Sales
  71. Avertising Expenses/Sales
  72. Labor Expenses/Sales
  73. Forward P/E to 1-year Growth (PEG) ratio
  74. Forward P/E to Long-term Growth (PEG) ratio


Detailed info about industry classification variable users have an option to select in Financial Ratios Industry Level by WRDS (Beta):



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