MBA 5133: Financial Accounting Concepts (Linthicum)

for MBA 5133 / ACC 5003:

S&P 500 Ratio & Annual Returns

The Standard & Poors 500 Index is a collection of stocks intended to reflect the overall return characteristics of the stock market as a whole. The stocks that make up the S&P 500 are selected by market capitalization, liquidity and industry.  As the Standard & Poor's 500 Index is the most commonly used benchmark for determining the state of the overall economy and measuring stock market performance,  the following ratios, values or historical annual returns from the S&P 500 would be meaningful and useful for comparison purposes.

Financial Ratios & Income Statement | Balance Sheet | Cash Flow

In addition to the UTSA library subscription databases (such as NetAdvantage, Mergent Online, and MorningStar Investment Research Center), you can also use the following free websites to get financial data for publicly traded companies from their income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow reports. The following free websites are used with Starbucks Corporation as an example.