ACC 6043: Tax Research (Smith)

Key Databases

Finding Tax Cases From Databases

It covers tax cases.  The easy way to search tax cases within CCH is use its "all content" search box which is on the top of the screen when you get into CCH.   You need to first select "Federal Tax" on the left bar of CCH.
Then type a case name in the "all content" search box, for instance, "Harsaghy V. Commissioner" into that search box, you should get a list of results for this case.  
However, the most effective, fastest way to get to a case in CCH, if you have a citation number "2 TC 484" (that is citation number for case Harsaghy V. Commissioner) is taking advantage of "Citations" feature or use "Citator".    

Also covers tax cases.  After typing a case name, for instance, "Harsaghy V. Commissioner" into the "search" box, you need to choose sources within RIA Checkpoint by checking the box for "Primary Source Materials".  
If you want to quickly get the precise result you want, you need to use the "Find by Citation" feature, and then click on the "Cases" and select the appropriate template box to type into the case numbers 2 TC 484 (that is citation number for caseHarsaghy V. Commissioner).