AIS 1203: College Success: Open Educational Resources and Library E-books & Streaming Media

UTSA Libraries' Video Databases

Linking Library Videos in Blackboard

  • To find videos in a database, browse by subject.
  • Link to entire videos or selected segments.
  • To ensure students can access the videos off campus, locate the permalink (or persistent link, record URL, etc.) found on the video page (and not in the URL address bar at the top). See an example below.

Browse by Subject Example: Films on Demand



Where to Find a Permalink for Streaming Media?

Instructor Tip:

You may link entire videos or selected segments to your Blackboard course.  Make sure to use a record URL (permalink, persistent link, etc.) which includes a proxy server prefix.  Some databases automatically attach it, and in other you'll have to manually create it.  Contact your librarian for help.