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Finding Bond Data

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Charles Wu
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University of Texas at San Antonio
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UTSA Subscription Databases (containing Bond Data or Information)

Capital IQ

Capital IQ steps to access and screen bond data/info:

  1. Start Capital IQ > 
  2. Select “Screening” tab / menu 
  3. Select and click “Fixed income” from the pull-down Screening menu   
  4. Now you can see a number of boxes entitled as below in which there are more items listed for selecting and screening (users can combine those items for screening and searching):
    • Credit Ratings
    • Credit Indicators
    • Financial Information
    • Fix Income Securities
    • Corporate Actions
    • Takeover Defenses
    • Company Ownership
    • Holdings / Investments
    • M&A Details
    • Buyback Details
    • Public Offering Details
    • Bankruptcy Details

Mergent Online

  • Start Mergent Online 
  • Select Bond Search tab (5th tab on the main page) 
  • Now you should be in the page of Bond Viewer  (please refer to a screenshot below)
  • Start searching in the page of Bond Viewer by putting the info you know into the fields under sections of Identifier and Date Ranges as below:
    • Fields under Identifier Section
      • Issuer Name
      • Issue Name
      • Ticker
      • Mergent ID
      • CUSIP
      • ISIN
      • Industry Code
    • Fields Under Date Ranges Section
      • Offering Date Range (mm/dd/yyyy)
      • Maturity Date Range (mm/dd/yyyy)
      • Next Call Date Range (mm/dd/yyyy)
  • The search resulting page would include the following data/info: 
    • Synopsis        
    • Ratings        
    • Covenants        
    • Coupon Info        
    • Conv/Exch        
    • Unit Deal        
    • Additional Details        
    • Corporate Actions        
    • Portrait Info


Access Bond Data and Info from Bloomberg 

  • Access a Bloomberg terminal (in Financial Lab at UTSA College of Business or JPL 2nd floor)
  • Assuming what you need is data on corporate bonds
  • Hit the yellow CORP key
  • Then hit <GO>
  • Type company ticker (e.g. MSFT for Microsoft Corp.)
  • Now you should get a list of bonds issued by the company
  • For more detailed using other commands within Bloomberg terminal, see this link https://www.scranton.edu/academics/ksom/alperin/Fixed%20Income.pdf, esp. page 4 of that pdf.