ART 1213/1143: Drawing I: Evaluating Images

A guide to evaluating images

Introductory Video

This 3 minute, 26 second video provides an introduction to all of the information, activities, and resources in this research guide for your class. Click "Watch in Panopto" for the best video quality.

Complete These Exercises for Your Virtual Library Session

  1. Visit the navigation links to the left in order, starting with the Introduction. Each exercise builds on the previous one, so the order is important.
  2. Each navigation link beginning with "Exercise 1" has an activity for you to complete.
  3. Read each question CAREFULLY. Questions may have multiple parts.

Important things to remember:

We recommend doing the activities on a PC or Mac if possible; you may use a tablet or mobile device but the activities may be too small to see or not work as well.*

For each exercise, be sure to use the images provided, rather than searching for one on the Internet.

Completion time for all of the videos and activities is about 50 minutes. You do not need to complete them all at once. But you do need to do them in order!