GBA 6973 / GBA 4953: SURE (Stimulating Urban Renewal through Entrepreneurship)

Business Ideas

Market research needs may be very different depending on the type of a business you are researching and available resources.  Please feel free to reach out to Natasha Arguello (see my contact info on the left) with your questions.

  • Local training school for allied health professionals
  • Cleaning and disinfecting service
  • Retail store that sells specialty car detailing products
  • Therapeutic pillows
  • Local salsa manufacturing and sales
  • Graphic design firm

Using Industry Codes for Market Research

Industry classification codes are used in business and economic data collection.  Similar enterprises / businesses are grouped together into an industry code. At the same time, many business information providers also use industry codes for describing types of business activity for companies.  You may search by an industry code to find competitors or research an industry. Learn more here:

UTSA Databases for Local Market Research