Nuts and Bolts of Scholarly Publishing

All you need to get started selecting journals for publication and reviewing author's agreements

Guide Contents

This guide is intended for anyone in the university community who is interested in learning more about scholarly publishing. In this guide, you will find information, guidance, and links to resources on:

  • Evaluating Academic Journals:
    • Fit: Determining whether a journal is a good fit for your research;
    • Impact: Assessing the impact of a journal, including citation-based impact factors, altmetrics, and the impact of open access journals;
    • Quality: Considering how a journal relates to standards in the scholarly community, including avoiding deceptive practices.
  • Journal Contracts and Copyright:

Writing a Scholarly Article

This guide covers the publishing process after you have completed your scholarly article. For tips on how to write a scholarly article, we recommend consulting the following eBook from Iowa State University.


The contents of this guide were created by Rochelle Lundy JD and Julia Hon, University of Washington iSchool class of 2018. This guide was adapted from University of Washington Libraries' Nuts and Bolts of Scholarly Publishing Guide. Reused with permission.