Companies’ Insider Ownership

Data and search tips for Companies’ Insider Ownership

UTSA Subscription Databases (containing companies’ insider ownership data)

Capital IQ

To access data/info on Insider Ownership from Capital IQ:

  1. Type a company name or stock ticker in the search box (at the top of any page of Capital IQ) 
  2. On the left side navigation under Investors (located on the last #5 link)
  3. Now you have the following options you can select and click: 
    • Public Ownership > a set of tabs for selections > Detailed | History | Crossholdings | Insider Trading | Charts
    • Private Ownership
    • Capitalization Table
    • Capitalization Table - detail
  4. To save, select Excel from the left corner 


Capital IQAnother way to access data/info on Insider Ownership:

  1. Start Capital IQ > 
  2. Screening tab / menu  >
  3. Company Screening >  
  4. Company Ownership screening >
  5. Company Ownership box (this box is located on the 2nd column in the middle of the page)  >
  6. Select Insider Ownership OR Insider Trades

Mergent Online

  • Start Mergent Online 
  • In the Company Search box, enter symbol or Company Name, then click Go
  • On the resulting page, select "Ownership" tab (the 3rd tab  on the top)
  • Now you should have the following options for clicking 
    • Institutional holdings
    • Insiders
    • Insider trades

MorningStar Investment Research Center

  1. Start MorningStar Investment Research Center 
  2. Click Equity tab
  3. Type a company name or stock ticker in the search box and click Go
  4. Get a resulting page for this company
  5. Scroll down to the section of "Ownership" and then click "More Ownership data"  OR
  6. Scroll down to the section of "Executive Team" and them click "More Executive Team data"


Access Method 1

  • For specific insider holdings, type a company stock ticker of interest
  • First hit the yellow <EQUITY> key and then hit <GO>
  • Now you are in Company Overview 
  • then got to the Management Overview section and select Management's Holdings.
  • Select the company name from the list of securities to view company executives and board members and their percentage of company shares outstanding.
  • Click an individual's name and navigate to the Reported Holdings section of their bio to access more information.

Access Method 2

  • To access the Holdings Menu on Bloomberg,
  • Type the ticker, hit the <EQUITY> key.
  • Then, type PHDC and hit <GO>.
  • Now you have the following options: 
    • Insiders,
    • Sorted by Size or 
    • Insider Transactions.

Access Method 3 (For stocks that have experienced the most purchases and sales by insiders)

  • Type INSD and hit <GO>