How to Find Juvenile Literature ebooks

This guide will direct you how to find children's/juvenile/young adult literature online at UTSA Libraries and SAPL


Looking for children's ebooks is easier than you might think - just follow the directions below!

If you have questions about a specific ebook or need more help, please email me at

Search UTSA's Juvenile Literature

To search for juvenile literature ebooks - just click the box below to limit your search to this type:

Library Quick Search

Juvenile Literature
Advanced Search

Search Using SAPL - San Antonio Public Library

If you do not already have a SAPL card, you can get it virtually here:

To search for juvenile ebooks, first go to the SAPL homepage:

Then, click on Advanced search link:

 Advanced Search link on SAPL


Then click on ebooks as the type, children as the audience, and type in your search for the book title or keyword:

Audience and Format buttons in SAPL