Managing Your Scholarly Identity Tutorial

This tutorial covers the basics of bibliometrics, altmetrics, and online scholarly identity platforms.

Welcome and Instructions

Thank you for participating in UTSA Libraries' Managing Your Scholarly Identity Tutorial!

The following are the learning objectives for this tutorial:

scholarly identity word cloud

  • Students will understand the benefits and limitations of traditional metrics and altmetrics
  • Students will know where they can look up traditional and alt-metrics for themselves and their work as well as how to use that information on their CV and in their professional activities
  • Students will learn how to curate their online scholarly identity using several platforms
  • Students will learn how they can set up a professional social media account and find others who are active on social media within their field

To get started, progress through the tabs on the left-hand side of the screen in order. Each tab will contain several resources for you to review, including videos and other web pages. Thoroughly review all the resources provided and complete the assessment in Part 4.