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Using Zoom to Meet with Your Librarian

Basics of using Zoom for library consultations and instruction

Home Screen

Once your instructor or host arrives you will automatically be moved to the meeting Home Screen. Depending on your meeting, this may show:

  • A blank screen (as shown below)
  • Your host's shared screen
  • Your host's webcam

The most important part of this screen is the black bar along the bottom, the Zoom Toolbar. The toolbar may disappear after you have not moved your mouse for a while but it will reappear when you move the cursor again.

Meeting screenshot with function labels

Sharing Your Screen

To share your screen, first click the Share button. Next, you should see the dialog below.

Screen sharing Application/Window menu

Select which part of your screen you would like to share.

  • Your entire screen
  • A single window
  • A single application
  • A portion of your screen
    • Choose Advanced near the top of this dialog to select a particular portion


If you are unable to use Computer or Phone Audio, you can still talk to your librarian using the Zoom chat window.

The chat window is accessed by clicking the Chat icon on the Zoom Toolbar.

This will cause the chat window to pop up (on the right side of the image below) and you may converse with your librarian using your keyboard.

Meeting chat options