Game of Thrones

Winter is here - and so is a lot of information about the HBO series and George R. R. Martin books - they are here, too.

Game of Thrones, Season 8, Official HBO Trailer

Winter is Coming

Game of Thrones 2019
For the Throne Image
Aryra For the Throne
Bran For the Throne
White Walker For the Throne
Circe For the Throne
Jon Snow For the Throne
Tyrion For the Throne


"All men must die." Who will die FIRST in season 8?!
Brienne: 2 votes (4%)
Cersei: 4 votes (8%)
Davos: 6 votes (12%)
Grey Worm: 6 votes (12%)
Jaime: 2 votes (4%)
Jorah: 10 votes (20%)
Sansa: 1 votes (2%)
Theon: 11 votes (22%)
Tormund: 5 votes (10%)
Varys: 3 votes (6%)
Total Votes: 50