ESL 6053: Program and Syllabus Design (Swoyer)

This class contains information for Dr. Swoyer's ESL 6053

Print and E-books

Curriculum Materials

The UTSA Libraries have collections of elementary and secondary state-adopted textbooks (both students and teacher editions) at both the Downtown and Main Campus libraries. We also have a nice selection of manipulatives for all subjects.

The best way to search for state adopted textbooks is to use our Library Quick Search Box and search using the terms "state adopted textbook" (complete with the quotation marks) and then the subject you need (for example, "state adopted textbook" english). Please note we do not have any state adopted textbooks newer than 2012.

All of these materials can be checked out. Please visit our page for the policies for checking out these great educational materials:

At the JPL, these materials are located in the Multimedia Media Collection (JPL 2.01.08). At the Downtown Campus, the Curriculum Materials are located near the Juvenile Literature section - all within the Buena Vista Street Building.