ENT 5113: Entrepreneurship Spring 2024 (Chawla)


Group 1 is working on a service that books events and recreation for visiting business professionals. They will partner with local businesses and event planners, and also aim to include some technology and augmented reality into their offering. They will need info on travel and tourism trends, habits, needs and preferences of business travelers and conference attendees, and how Virtual reality and augmented reality are being used to enhance museum experiences, historic walks, etc.

Group 2 is solving a logistics challenge in the trucking/shipping business. They want to create a system that will update shippers and brokers on the exact location of their shipment in real time. This is like Amazon’s tracking service that tells you when your package will be delivered and even how many stops way the delivery truck is. They need to figure out how big a problem the uncertainty associated with truck deliveries is, whom it affects most, and what are the consequences. Also, they’ll need to find out how truckers, shippers and brokers are currently dealing with the problem and whether they can improve or piggyback on those solutions. Also, general information about freight volumes and the trucking industry would help—like, what are the profit margins like, are there a few main providers or is it fragmented, etc.

UTSA Databases

Search Market Research Academic database for these reports:

  • Fleet Tracking Market: Hardware, Software, and Services 2019 – 2024 (2019)
  • Asset Tracking Market Outlook and Forecasts 2023 – 2030
  • Freight by Truck: United States (2021)
  • Travel Services: United States (2022)

Fleet tracking