ECE 3603: Language and Literacy Acquisition

Resources for Dr. Hern & Dr. Alanís' ECE 3603 course


Welcome to the guide created just for Dr. Leija''s ECE 3603 class!

It shows you how to search for award-winning ebooks at both UTSA and Bexar County for your Read Aloud assignment.


Step one: 

  • Go through the Award Winning Books page and find some books that you might not be familiar with - here's a great opportunity to broaden your knowledge of early childhood literature!
  • Pick at least ten that you are interested in reading 

Step Two:

  • Go to the Online Book Searching pages 
  • Search first at UTSA
    • Note that we ARE allowing check outs of physical juvenile literature books - so be sure to look for both physical and ebooks!
    • If you find a physical book that you want to check out, please follow the directions on this page for how to get the physical book that you want
  • If you cannot find the book physically or electronically at UTSA, then try San Antonio Public Library (SAPL) or Bibliotech to see what they offer - both of these libraries are fabulous sources that you can use when you are teaching - so don't forget them!
  • The reason I asked you to pick at least 10 is in hopes that at least one of them will be available as a book for your assignment