ECE 3603: Language and Literacy Acquisition

Resources for Prof. Hern, Prof. Gonzales, and Prof. Williamson's ECE 3603 course


Welcome to the guide created just for Dr. Leija''s ECE 3603 class!

It shows you how to search for award-winning ebooks at both UTSA and Bexar County for your Read Aloud assignment.


Step one: 

  • Go through the Award Winning Books page and find some books that you might not be familiar with - here's a great opportunity to broaden your knowledge of early childhood literature!
  • Pick at least ten that you are interested in reading 

Step Two:

  • Go to the Online Book Searching pages 
  • Search first at UTSA
    • Note that we ARE allowing check outs of physical juvenile literature books - so be sure to look for both physical and ebooks!
    • If you find a physical book that you want to check out, please follow the directions on this page for how to get the physical book that you want
  • If you cannot find the book physically or electronically at UTSA, then try San Antonio Public Library (SAPL) or Bibliotech to see what they offer - both of these libraries are fabulous sources that you can use when you are teaching - so don't forget them!
  • The reason I asked you to pick at least 10 is in hopes that at least one of them will be available as a book for your assignment