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AIS 1233: Research for Debates (Dones)

Head of Research and Education Services

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Natasha Arguello
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Debate Topics

The purpose of this guide is to offer a few research tips to help you prepare for your class debates.


  1. College should be free for everyone
  2. Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook are monopoly companies that should be prevented from using their power to gain market advantages
  3. Fines should be scaled depending on income

Identifying Keywords

Figuring out which keywords to use is a crucial part of research. Once you start searching, look for clues and further ideas in your results. A few suggestions:

  1. Free tuition, tuition-free college, "free college"
  2. Big Tech monopoly, tech giants, tech antimonopoly, antitrust, Big Tech regulation, breaking up Big Tech
  3. Progressive fines, income-based fines, day fines

Key Resources

These are key resources presenting opposing views to start your research. Experiment with the keywords. Depending on your topic, you may or may not find relevant results, but give it a try!

After you check out these resources, explore the links provided below for each topic.  Look out for the type of source, how credible it is, when it was published, and author's credentials.

Free College

Tech Giants