PSY 3413: Experimental Psychology Lab

Course guide for PSY 3413.

Complete these Exercises Before your Library Visit

1.  Visit the navigation links to the left in order, starting with 'Pre-Assessment.'

2. 'PsycINFO' through 'Select Your Theory' each have videos; some have quizzes, too. For each section, view the video(s) first and then take the quiz. The quizzes cover concepts in the videos.   

3.  There are 9 total videos, but you will submit quizzes for these only.  

  • References
  • Authors’ Names
  • Literature Reviews
  • Library Quick Search
  • Your Theory

*Very important: Please take a picture of each quiz completion (5 total) with your phone or take a screenshot. Also enter your email each time when you complete a quiz to receive a copy of your quiz results. Be sure to take the quizzes on a PC or Mac; the quizzes do not work well on tablets or other mobile devices.*

Bring one journal article on your theory/topic for Library Day. Use concepts from 'Your Theory' to find a theory article.

Questions or problems?  Email or call DeeAnn Ivie: (210) 458-6666 at