Service-Learning and Civic Engagement

Resources for Course Design, Research and Supporting Literature

The drop-down menu on the Faculty Resources tab above will take you to materials that can support all aspects of your work in service-learning. You will find links to:

  • Information on course design for service learning
  • Journals devoted to service-learning practice and research
  • Resources for research in the field Information on engaged scholarship 
  • Ways to support the information needs of your students and community partners

Items of Interest

Hoyt, L. (2010, Fall). A City-Campus Engagement Theory From, and For, Practice, Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning,  Retrieved from;idno=3239521.0017.106

Lorlene Hoyt of MIT "tells a story of practice, a story of theory, and how each informs and transforms the other through a two-way flow of people and knowledge from a city to a campus and back again." Using data from a sustained partnership between MIT and the town of Laurence, Hoyt develops a theory of engagement and strategies for practicing engagement.

About San Antonio


Many students may be new to the San Antonio region and unfamiliar with the demography make-up, history of the city, social issues faced by vulnerable populations, etc. The following links and resources are available for you to explore more about San Antonio.