Using the Library Reading List Tool in Blackboard

Tips for UTSA faculty and other Blackboard course creators

Send for Library Review

Before publishing your Reading List, make sure to submit your draft list for library review. Library staff will verify access for all library resources you have selected.

Select Library Review to ensure students can access all readings. Once clicked, you will receive a confirmation that  your list was sent. 

To avoid the rush at the beginning of the semester, please submit your Reading List to the library at least 2 weeks before the due date. The earlier the better!


Before uploading any files to your reading list, you must ensure that your use of the resource complies with U.S. copyright law and fair use guidelines. UTSA Libraries is not responsible for reviewing copyright for your files. If you have any questions, please review Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines at UTSA or contact

Your students will see this pop-up notice when they access the course resources:

copyright notice in reading list

This file has been provided by UTSA Libraries for limited use through online course reserves. Copyrighted materials made available via course reserve are for use in class, related course study outside of class, and course research only. This material is governed by U.S. Copyright Law and Fair Use guidelines, and should not be copied, shared, or distributed beyond use in this course. For more information, visit Copyright & Fair Use Guidelines at UTSA.