WRC 1023: Freshman Composition (Hall)

Topic: Impact of phishing on community

Access to UTSA Library Subscription Databases

  • You can use the following UTSA Library subscription databases to find out some datasets on phishing.
  • Please note: access to all these databases requires of login with your UTSA abc123 and password 

Searching the Database Statistical Abstract of the United States

In the search box, type “Phishing” > you should get this result > Table 1428: Internet Crime Complaints—Victims And Value Of Loss By Crime Type: 2017 To 2019. > click the link below for the detailed data in this table.

Searching the Database Statista

Below are some search terms used to pull out certain datasets on phishing in this databases: 


Searching all EBSCOhost Databases


Potentially useful and relevant search terms: Phishing or Vishing or Smishing or Pharming or Whaling or Malware

  • Below are two examples of the search terms / search statements you can use to yield some results containing tables or charts or graphs: