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Datastream & Using Excel with Datastream Advance

Research Librarian

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Charles Wu
Office: JPL
One UTSA Circle
University of Texas at San Antonio
San Antonio, TX 78249

Datastream Coverage

The coverage of Datastream is well reflected in a list within the “Data Category” window (on the top left corner of the Datastream program).  Below is this list indicating the data series users can search with Datastream:   

  • Individual equities,
  • Equity indices,
  • Unit trusts / Investment Trusts (mutual funds)
  • Bonds and Convertibles
  • Bond Indices and CDS
  • Economics
  • Exchange rates
  • Interest rates
  • Commodity prices
  • Derivatives (futures, warrants, and options)  

For detailed info about the coverage of Datastream, please see a pdf file on this link.