COM 3073: Conduct of Communication Inquiry (Levitt)

A guide for Professor Steven Levitt's Conduct of Communication Inquiry.

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

A bibliography is a list of the resources, both primary and secondary, that you consulted when working on a research project. An annotated bibliography is similar, but each citation is accompanied by a brief written analysis of its usefulness to your research.

Annotated bibliographies can be a helpful tool for you to organize your resources, and for other scholars who are also interested in your topic. 

How Do I Write an Annotation?

When you write an annotated bibliography, you’ll provide a description of each of your resources and an assessment of their usefulness to a researcher. This means you’ll need to be familiar with your sources, not just to summarize them, but to pinpoint what makes them relevant and useful to you and other researchers. When you’re reviewing your resources, keep these in mind for your annotations:

What kind of source is this—e.g., a scholarly journal, a newspaper article, a dissertation? 

What makes them a credible source of information on this topic? What are their academic or professional background or affiliations?

What information, perspective, or support does this source provide for your research topic or question?

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