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Google Scholar Button

Extension for Chrome Browser

Students using Google Chrome browser may choose to Google Scholar Button extension. Google Scholar can automatically search for references matching highlighted text within the Chrome browser.

Adding the Google Scholar Button
  1. Open a Chrome browser window
  2. Visit the Chrome Web Store
  3. Search for Google Scholar Button
  4. Click Add to Chrome next to the Google Scholar Button extension
  5. A small button with the Google Scholar logo will appear just right of URL bar
Using the Google Scholar Button

After finding an resource (e.g. article, book, etc.) you would like to add to EndNote

  1. Highlight the title of the resource
  2. Click the Google Scholar Button
    • The extension will search for the resource and display citation information (title, author(s), abstract, times cited, etc.)
  3. Click the " to view the citations menu
  4. Click EndNote